Innovative, industry leading security services to small and medium sized businesses that otherwise may be unable to afford adequate security measures.

Security when and where you need it... through proactive patrols, inspections and timely, reliable and professional response to alarms and incident.

The peace of mind of having a world class security partner on call 24 hours a day, every day.

If you are looking for the best company, not necessary the biggest; Here we are!


OTPS is a client-focused organization, we throughly screen and train our officers and we ensure that our managers and supervisors provide responsive and thorought account service.

The company that helps you stay protected.

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OTPS Protection Corp.

OTPS Protection, The Security Company in Miami, Florida operates in all Florida State. With offices in Miami and Tampa, OTPS Protection Services serves a diverse range of clients and industries, including industrial/commercial facilities, the health care industry, commercial office building and gated residential communities. OTPS Protection Services has been in the business of providing security service for over 10 years.... License Number: B 1000038.

OTPS Protection Services


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